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VTC Computer Software Training – Ubuntu Linux

This is complete video tutorial series to learn Ubuntu linux. Start using linux with ubuntu and this videos. This videos contain how to install ubuntu, different programmes in ubuntu, using linux terminal and many more. Start your linux journey witht this Ubuntu video series.


  • Chapter01.Introduction
  • Chapter02.Ubuntu Linux
  • Chapter03.Booting LiveCD
  • Chapter04.Booting Ubuntu Linux & The GNOME Desktop
  • Chapter05.Nautilus File Manager
  • Chapter06.Customization
  • Chapter07.Menu Detail
  • Chapter08.Configuration Tools
  • Chapter09.Mutimedia Applications Tool
  • Chapter10.Productivity Applications
  • Chapter11.Adding New Software
  • Chapt12.Introduction to the Terminal
  • Chapt13.Windows Applications in Linux
  • Chapt.final.Ubuntu Linux Tutorial Conclusion



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