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Boost Your Internet Speed By Changing Default DNS to Google DNS


Time to increase your internet speed with the method of Boost Your Internet Speed By Changing Default DNS to Google DNS. DNS is Domain Name system that first convert you domain name into respective IP and then connects to your ISM to loads pages over the web. By default this DNS is provided by the ISP and differs with ISP respectively. but the default DNS provides you the less bandwidth area and your internet speed gets limited over the network. But we have a method by which you can change this default DNS to the google DNS that provides you the maximum bandwidth limit and then have a better internet speed. So have a look on complete  guide discussed below.

Boost Your Internet Speed By Changing Default DNS to Google DNS

Boost Your Internet Speed By Changing DNS

The method is very simple and you can easily change your default DNS and will get switch to a high speed DNS and will experience better internet browsing and downloading. Just follow up the steps below to proceed.

Steps To Manually Setup Google DNS In Windows PC

  1. First of all in your wndows pc go to the Control Panel.
  2. And there navigate to Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings.dns-1
  3. Now there you will see all networks, select the network that you want to configure for google DNS.
  4. Now if you want to change ethernet settings then simply right-click on Local Area Connection and then select Properties. and if you want to change the settings for a wireless connection then simply right click on Wireless Network Connection  and then select Properties.dns-2
  5. Now click on Networking tab and there under This connection uses the following items select the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click on properties.
  6. Now click on Advanced option and then there select DNS and click on ok.
  7. Now choose the radio button Use the following DNS server addresses there and there will be written some default IP, simply clear them.dns-3
  8. Now there fill the value of google DNS value that is OR and then simply click on save button and then restart your network.
  9. Thats it you are done, now you are switched to google DNS server and observe the change in your internet speed which will be reasonable.

Steps To Automatically Configure Google DNS In Windows PC Using DNS Jumper:

  1. Download and install DNS Jumper in your windows PC.
  2. Install the tool and launch it and in tool set the settings as shown in the screenshot below.dns-dumper
  3. Thats it now your DNS will get change to the google DNS that will provide you extra internet speed.

So above is all about Boost Your Internet Speed By Changing Default DNS to Google DNS. With this method you can easily get switch to google DNS and can have boosted internet in your PC. Hope you like this, do follow with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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