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Watch Live Kabaddi Match Daily And Win Upto Rs.50,000 Gift Vouchers

Kabaddi is a game which originated way back in 1900s but has never been able to gain the popularity it deserves. However, now the official broadcast channel for Pro Kabaddi Season is trying its best to attract people to watch the kabaddi and enjoy this great game.
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Star Sports has launched a website dedicated for Pro Kabaddi where users can play a simple game and win free shopping vouchers. Khel Kabaddi is a unique , TV-cum-Mobile game in which fans can collect cards of their favorite ProKabaddi Players, unlock cool badges and win exciting prizes. Hurry up and register now !

How to create an account on Khel Kabaddi ?

1 . Visit registration page here

2. Now enter your mobile number and click on “Generate Password”

3. You will now receive the password on your mobile number. Enter it and click on “Register”

4. You will receive 2 players free in your collection upon your registration

5. That’s it !! Your pro khel kabaddi account will now be created successfully.

6. You will now need to set a username for your account. Visit here and click on “User” >> Enter a name of your choice and select any team of your choice.

How to play the game ?

Phase 1 – Get Players

1 . The game cycle begins at 7 PM everyday and runs till 7 PM the next day

2. On your first login to your khel kabaddi account during the game cycle, you will receive 2 players to get you going.

3. Most important – On every matchday, a unique Khel Kabaddi code will be shown on TV during the live prokabaddi match.

4. Entering the code shown on TV, you will unlock 4 more players. You can also catch the code on the LIVE stream on starsports.com or hotstar.

5. The code will be valid till 7 PM the next day.

6. This Means That You Can Collect A Maximum Of 6 Players Every Matchday.

7. You Can View Your Full Collection Under The “My Collection” Tab Anytime.

Phase 2 – Make Trade

1 . To Start Trading, You’ll Need To Click On The “Player Trade” Tab

2. You can select a minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 cards which you want to trade away and put them up for offer.

3. You can then request the cards you want in return and the game will find a match. However the trade will occur only if the cards you have requested have been put up on offer by someone else and if someone else has requested the cards you have put up on offer

4. Since the trading depends on availability of proper match, there is no fixed time as to when will it be completed.

5. You can make a maximum of 6 trades per day.

Your aim is to collect badges regarding which you can read below.

How to collect badges and win vouchers ?

There are 20 achievements in all.. To finish the game and to be eligible for mega prize, you need to complete all 20 achievements. Every time you complete an achievement, you will unlock a ‘Badge’

For example, one achievement is to collect all U Mumba players. Once you complete that, you will unlock the “MumBoys” badge. Another is to collect all raiders, which will unlock the “Super Raiders” badge and so on. Visit here to see all your achievements
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There are different ways to win prizes i.e exciting vouchers on Khel Kabaddi website.

1. Daily Winners: The First 5 Users To Unlock Players Using The Daily Code, Will Win A Gift Voucher Worth Rs. 1000/- each

2. Weekly Winners: The User Who Has Unlocked The Most Badges In A Given Game Week, Will Win A Smart Watch

3. Badge Winners: The First 5 Players To Unlock A Particular Badge Will Win Gift Vouchers Worth Rs. 2000/- each

4. Grand Prize Winners: The First 5 Players To Unlock ALL Badges Will Win Gift Vouchers Worth Rs. 50,000/- each

If you still have any doubts, visit here and read the “Frequently Asked Questions

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