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Notepad hacking tricks

Hack Windows 10 PC By Holding “SHIFT+F10” During Upgrade

Security Researchers have found a Windows flaw that can bypass BitLocker Encryption and can have admin access during Windows 10 upgrade. Hack Windows 10 PC By Holding “SHIFT+F10” During Upgrade We all know about Bitlocker right? BitLocker is a full disk encryption feature included in Windows Operating system. However, Windows …

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SpyNote Trojan (RAT); Yet Another Bad News for Android Users

  SPYNOTE RAT WAS FOUND LEAKED ON A DARK NET FORUM — THE RESEARCHERS HAVE WARNED ABOUT DOWNLOADING ANDROID APPS FROM A THIRD-PARTY SITE TO AVOID THIS RAT INFECTING YOUR DEVICE. Hackers love targeting Android devices due to its open source model and Google’s weak bouncer system that lets malicious apps …

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How to Write-Protect Your USB Flash Drive

Many a time, it becomes necessary for us to write protect our USB flash drive so as to protect it from viruses and other malware programs. As flash drives are so popular and most widely used to move data between computers, they are the prime target for attackers as a means to get infections …

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How To Share WordPress Post To Multiple Facebook Groups With Just One Click

  Today I’m going to show you How To Share WordPress Post To Multiple Facebook Groups With Just One Click. Facebook is the one of the major source of traffic among the social media for bloggers. People spend a lot of time sharing their posts on social media, especially the …

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How to Hack a Computer from 100 Meter via its Wireless keyboard or mouse

What is MouseJack? MouseJack is a class of vulnerabilities that affects the vast majority of wireless, non-Bluetooth keyboards and mice. These peripherals are ‘connected’ to a host computer using a radio transceiver, commonly a small USB dongle. Since the connection is wireless, and mouse movements and keystrokes are sent over …

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